Types of Recruitment Agencies

Choosing the right type of recruitment agency is crucial for a successful job search. Whether you’re looking for a full-time, part-time, or temp to hire position, an employment agency helps you find the right fit for your needs.

The Role of Employment Agencies

A traditional staffing agency assists job seekers in finding work. Some agencies charge job seekers for their services, so before you sign a contract with an employment agency, clarify upfront if there’s a fee for their job search services.

Many staffing agencies specialize in locating jobs for a specific industry, such as sales and marketing, accounting and finance, human resources management, IT, or legal career services. A well-established agency has strong professional relationships with local businesses, which allow them to better assist employers and job seekers in finding the right candidate or open position.

Types of Employment Agencies

When searching for a new position, there are several types of employment agencies to consider:

Contingency Employment Agency

A contingency employment agency is paid when their candidate is hired by the employer. Some contingency agencies charge the candidate while others charge the employer, so before working with a contingency agency, clarify who is responsible for the fee first. This type of recruitment agency is used for low and mid-level searches, and a large number of resumes are sent to the employer for review.

Executive Search Firm

Executive search firms have exclusive relationships with employers. Search firms are typically hired to find senior-level candidates to fill a specific role in the company. Executive types of employment agencies even approach potential candidates who aren’t actively searching for a new position, developing strategic approaches to entice them away from their current employer. Also known as retained search recruiters, executive search firm professionals are paid expenses and a percentage of the employee’s salary even if the candidate is not hired.

Temporary Agencies

Temp agencies are a type of recruitment agency that finds candidates to fill open positions that aren’t long term. Temporary staffing firms fill a wide range of temporary positions during seasonal months when businesses need a larger workforce, such as tax season, summer months, and holidays. Temp agencies can also provide benefits, including health insurance, childcare expenses, and vacation pay. And if a temporary job turns into a permanent position, the employee is paid directly by their new employer.

Niche/Specialty Agencies

Niche types of employment agencies hire candidates who are skilled in highly specialized career fields, such as electronics, IT, accounting, digital marketing, and management. Specialty agencies can work on a temporary, contingency, or retained recruitment basis and often have relationships with a wide range of companies in their area of expertise. Niche agencies can offer details on how to do well in an interview and create a polished resume filled with the right hard skills in your industry to get you noticed by the employer

Jobs and Recruitment Agencies

 No matter what type of recruitment agency you decide to work with, developing a job search strategy is a crucial step for finding the right job and recruitment agency to assist you in your search:
  • Set career goals and be focused
    • Ask yourself career-related questions like, “Where do I see myself in five years?” Doing some soul searching will help you choose the right type of recruitment agency.
  • Expand your professional network
    • Due to COVID-19, job seekers are developing virtual ways to network. Review your professional social media accounts and update your profile.
  • Keep yourself on a search schedule
    • Searching for a new position is like a full-time job. Keeping yourself on a schedule keeps you organized and productive.
  • Work directly with a staffing agency
    • After you’ve chosen the right type of employment agency to assist with your search, work with a professional recruiter to make your job search successful.

Asking yourself these key questions and creating a job search strategy allows you to give the recruitment agency a better understanding of what you’re looking for in your next position.

Controller’s Group, an Accountant Seeker’s Employment Agency

Controller’s Group, Inc. is an accounting and finance staffing agency that helps hopeful candidates find their next career path across the San Jose region. As a niche recruiting firm, we work closely with a wide range of businesses to provide job seekers with full-time, part-time, and temp to hire positions in the accounting and finance industry.

We offer candidates opportunities for a wide range of positions like:

  • Accounting manager
  • Controller
  • Loan administrator
  • Staff accountant

We also help employers find the right fit for their company by developing interview questions to ask candidates, determining the right time to hire an accountant, and figuring out how to attract employees to a variety of companies.

Our team of professionals research forward-thinking industry trends that are streamlining processes and operations in 2021. We can tell you the best ways to find accounting positions in your area and offer you advice on what to skip on your resume. Contact Controller’s Group today to learn more about how we can help you find the right position for you.

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