Recruitment Trends for 2021

You want access to the best talent there is, but keep in mind you have to stay up to date on the latest trends and expectations as an employer. Read up on the latest developments in recruitment from 2020, and new ones for 2021.

How Covid-19 Is Transforming Recruitment

Ever since the onset of Covid-19, employers have become more creative in their approach to navigating the talent pool of applicants. Conversely, job seekers have the advantage of interviewing and showcasing their skillsets from the comfort of their homes. Needless to say, quite a bit has changed in the processes of recruitment, HR, and the workforce in general.

Despite the effects of the ongoing pandemic, it’s important to stay aware of the recruitment trends of 2020 and stay up to speed with new developments in 2021. The year 2020 was challenging, but now you can focus on this year and use the changes to your full advantage.

Know What To Prepare for in 2021

The world of the workforce has dramatically changed, and we had little time to adjust. Think of 2020 as the test run for how things will be moving forward. With that being said, now is the time to familiarize yourself with the many expectations for the future of hiring. Be on the lookout for these trends and predictions in 2021:

Employer Branding

Your brand sets the tone for how potential employees and competitors view your company. Making a powerful impression and reflecting your company’s values in a professional and admirable manner gives your company a clear distinction you can be proud of. Your brand speaks volumes through your social media presence and even gives prospective partners and clients an idea of your level of moral consciousness. Essentially, your brand has the power to set you apart from other businesses in a unique way.

AI and Automation

Already gaining traction before 2020, expect AI to make its presence vastly known in 2021. Artificial intelligence is not meant to eliminate the real people on your recruitment team, but it is put in place to enhance their operations and help them complete complicated tasks more efficiently. Steps such as the screening process are automated and interviews are scheduled for the best candidates subsequently after, ensuring their experience is quicker and smoother.

Remote Work

Workers all over the world have proven that they can reach and exceed business goals, all while working from home. Being productive from home and conducting virtual interviews and meetings has suddenly become second nature for many of us. Even long after the pandemic is behind us, candidates will surely expect to have remote work as an option, so long as corporations continue to prove that business can carry on as usual, if not better, no matter where workers are located. Full-time or part-time remote work offers a level of convenience and flexibility that we may have never considered before 2020.

Diversity and Inclusion

2020 witnessed a monumental cultural shift that was essential to the evolution of Corporate America. If you haven’t yet prioritized diversity in your company, you could be doing yourself a disservice. Many businesses have begun to realize the advantages of having a diversified team. Take this time to prove how you proudly offer opportunities for all. From becoming more inclusive to diversifying your leadership team, there are several steps that can be taken to show that you’re not out of touch like other businesses may be and you value creativity and the range of opinions and perspectives your employees bring to the table.

CGI Unites Employers With the Most Eligible Candidates

When you’re seeking the best candidates, keep in mind that great candidates are searching for you too. That’s why the experts at Controllers Group, Inc. lead employers to applicants who will bring diligence, professionalism, and competence to a position. CGI’s staffing solutions help you recruit and hire employees if you need to fill temporary placements, if you’re looking to fill a full-time permanent position, or even if you need an executive team role filled. CGI recognizes this is a new world of work that we’re all still adjusting to, and we’re here to help you continue to succeed every step of the way.

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