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Get placed for work on a timeframe that suits you. Grow your career with Controller’s Group.

Looking for contract work in finance and accounting?

We offer candidates temporary placement and project-based positions at leading companies.

Work On Your Own Terms

Get employed on contract at a leading company

Define a timeframe, and we’ll find the right role for you

Maintain a competitive rate and benefits

Identify Contract Roles with Controller’s Group

We’ll schedule a phone call to go over your resume and previous experience, review essential details, and discuss your goals.
Based on your information, we’ll present all the employment options that match.
We remain in close collaboration with you throughout the process. If a new idea comes up, we’ll quickly make the adjustment.
Our team will connect you to our network of companies. With our resources, you’ll be sure to find placement in a position that suits you.

Over 3,000 Temporary Positions Filled

Choose Your Ideal Employment

Contract Based

Get hired for a specific project over a pre-determined timeframe. Competitive rates and professional environments, on your schedule.


Looking for a trial period before a long-term commitment? Contract-to-hire gives you the chance to experience before committing.

Make A Lasting Impression

A great first impression will have you standing out from the crowd. Before you go into your interview, Controller’s Group helps you master the essentials:

Thoughtful questions to ask at the end of an interview

Body language advice and how
to project confidence

Key facts about company culture and behavioral etiquette

Conducting research on the company and relevant personnel