Finance Jobs vs Accounting Jobs

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If you’re thinking about a career in finance or accounting, knowing the distinction between the two fields is essential for success. As an industry expert, Controller’s Group, Inc. explains the difference between financing and accounting. The Difference Between Financing and Accounting A lot of responsibilities and tasks in the finance and accounting industries overlap, but […]

Job Seekers: What to Skip on a Resume

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You, the job seeker, may have a lot of experience, but that doesn’t mean your life story should be told through a resume. Controller’s Group, Inc. knows resumes, and we can help you with yours. Work Experience Best-Practices Resume best-practices have changed over the years. There are several old-school tactics that aren’t necessary in the […]

Best Ways To Find Accounting Jobs

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Think about it: how many jobs have you applied for and never heard back from the employer? That’s because there’s a key strategy you must implement. CGI Controller’s Group, Inc. considers this tip the best way to find accounting jobs. How to Get a Good Accounting Job Most companies begin to process their resourcing needs […]

Advice for Job Seekers: What You Need to Know

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You need to know more than just how to fill out a job application. There’s plenty you can do to truly stand out from the candidate pool and find the job of your dreams. Having Trouble Landing Your Dream Job? Almost everyone who’s ever embarked on a job hunt knows how stressful the process can be. Sure, some people […]

Finding a Job During the Pandemic

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There’s so much uncertainty in the world right now, particularly within the job market. But even with everything going on and so many companies’ financial futures up in the air, there are still steps that applicants can take to help them stand out from the rest of the candidate pool. How to Stand Out When […]