Best Ways To Find Accounting Jobs

Think about it: how many jobs have you applied for and never heard back from the employer? That’s because there’s a key strategy you must implement. CGI Controller’s Group, Inc. considers this tip the best way to find accounting jobs.

How to Get a Good Accounting Job

Most companies begin to process their resourcing needs in January due to employers contemplating business resolutions and setting new goals for the year. While they have the future in mind this time of year, the hiring process tends to be put on hold because business owners are preoccupied with tying up loose ends from the prior year. That means you can utilize the new year lull to your advantage and start polishing your resume, so you can be ready when business operations start picking up in February and early Spring.

Corporate Accounting Job Search Strategies

Here are five ways you can ramp up your job search to advance your accountant career:

  • Set Career Goals and Be Focused
    • Ask yourself questions like, “Where do I see myself in five years?” and “Which areas of the accounting field am I most interested in?”
    • Answering important questions regarding your accountant career will help you define your next career path.
  • Expand Your Professional Network
    • Professional networking is a never-ending process; you can never do enough of it. Due to COVID-19, job seekers are resorting to more modern networking practices. Review your professional social media profiles to ensure everything is up to date.
    • Consider connecting with hiring managers and business professionals who are active in your field. Taking the time to schedule a virtual meet and greet to learn about what the person does for their company can do wonders for your corporate accountant career advancement.
  • Keep Yourself on a Job Search Schedule
    • Searching for a new job is like a full-time job. You can keep yourself on task by sticking to a schedule.
    • It’s also a best-practice to take note of all the jobs you’ve already applied for. That way, if you come across it again, there’s no confusion on whether or not you’ve already applied for it.
  • Work Directly With a Recruiter
    • Whether you’re looking for an entry-level accounting or management position, working with a recruiter who specializes in your field is a valuable way to not only land a job, but land the job that’s the right fit for you.
    • Recruiters at Controller’s Group focus on delivering exactly what you’re looking for. We offer significant ongoing support and networking and interviewing tips.
  • Consider Temporary Jobs in The Accounting Field
    • It’s important not to discount temporary finance jobs. Temporary positions can often give you an opportunity for an inside look at a company without making a long-term commitment.
    • It’s a common business practice for employers to use temporary jobs to assess the employee’s skills. More often than not, business owners turn temporary jobs into full-time positions.

Accounting Recruiting Season Is Upon Us

new job any day of the year, there are some strategic timeline strategies that job seekers should consider to land your next position. Summer is typically a slower time for businesses due to employee travel and scheduled vacations. But starting around September, company operations begin to pick up as firms hurry to fill roles and begin the new hire onboarding process before fiscal budgets close for the year.

Try to put yourself in the hiring manager’s shoes. Consider annual family holidays, such as the Fourth of July and Memorial Day, that could present a hiring lull in the company. It’s a best practice to present yourself to the employer during a time when business operations are in full-swing, typically during the Fall. As we mentioned earlier, Spring also tends to be a good time to apply for new jobs. By understanding when companies are the most active, you can line yourself up to be first in line when the time comes for employers to select potential candidates for an upcoming job opening.

Different Types of Corporate Accounting Jobs

Here are some current in-demand roles in the accounting field:

  • Accounting Manager
    • Prepares and reviews ledger entries, adjusts financial statements, and assists with financial reporting tasks
    • Employees in this role may also use their accounting skills to research compliance issues, coordinate the budget process, and supervise the accounting staff
  • Controller
    • Plans and directs all operational activities in the accounting department
    • Duties include coordinating and preparing internal and external financial statements, offering key decision-makers vital financial information, and overseeing regulatory financial reporting
  • Loan Administrator
    • Processes and monitors financial loan payments and coordinates customer questions and inquiries
    • Identifies and analyzes suspicious account activity and makes recommendations to decrease risks
  • Staff Accountant
    • Responsible for reviewing general ledger accounts and preparing and adjusting journal entries
    • Performs account reconciliations and analysis, maintains general ledger charts of accounts, assists with initial internal control evaluations, and posts monthly, quarterly, and yearly accruals.

The above list is just a few examples of positions in the accounting field. If you don’t see a position related to what you are looking for, contact us today. We can help you find the right fit.

Choose CGI to Help You Land Your Next Corporate Accounting Job

CGI Controller’s Group, Inc. was founded amid an economic downturn in the late 90s. We thrived in areas of the recruiting process that other companies ignored, and today, we are thrilled to be a premier recruiting firm, finding job seekers the right fit the first time around. These uncertain times often mean implementing new, innovative ways of finding the right fit for you. Our team can offer you advice on how to find a job during the pandemic, too. No matter what job search obstacles you may be facing, let Controller’s Group lead you to your next opportunity in the accounting field.

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