Direct Hire Placement Opportunities for Top Talent

Long-term stability
Competitive salaries
Top-ranking positions
All with Controller’s Group.
As the premier direct-hire recruiting firm, we place professional candidates in industry-leading positions.

Our Approach to Direct Hire Candidate Recruitment

Opportunity Sourcing

We identify the core focus areas of your search and work from there. Presenting opportunities that line up with your experience and work with your skill set. We analyze your previous positions, resume, and other essentials to match you with employers offering what you’re looking for.


An extensive network is essential for getting employed in a top position. Our connections are built from over two decades of direct partnerships with industry-leading companies. We provide candidates direct access to accounting and finance jobs in cutting-edge fields.

Ongoing Support

We collaborate with candidates until we find the best opportunity for them. Consistent communication, regular updates, and strong collaboration are non-negotiable. Whatever you need to find your ideal working environment, we’re committed to providing that for you.

Personalized Approach

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution to recruitment. Our personal approach to incoming talent ensures that the perfect match between candidate and company is always found. Our one-on-one collaboration with you helps us accurately search for, and find your ideal workplace.

Direct Hire Placement at Industry-Leading Companies

At Controller’s Group, we’ve placed over 1,250 highly skilled professionals in the best positions in the market.
Competitive salaries, professional work environment, and results-driven team members. Take your career to new heights with us.

No More Waiting. Get Hired Now.

Specify your level of work, define your career goals, and get hired. Our recruiters help you manage the process of finding a job, without wasting your time. Work in an environment that fosters growth and allows you to achieve your full potential.

Make A Lasting Impression

A great first impression will have you standing out from the crowd. Before you go into your interview, Controller’s Group helps you master the essentials:

Thoughtful questions to ask at the end of an interview

Body language advice and how
to project confidence

Key facts about company culture and behavioral etiquette

Conducting research on the company and relevant personnel