How to Attract Employees to Your Business

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Attracting Top Talent Is Easy With CGI

No matter what industry you work in, what kind of candidates you’re looking for, or what your hiring budget may be, your overall goal is the same as everyone else’s: to recruit talented employees. But how do you accomplish that in a crowded job market? How do you make sure your brand stands out from the crowd enough that your ideal candidate can’t help but take notice? 

Small businesses and large corporations alike can struggle with aligning their hiring process with the actual caliber of candidate they want to bring on to their team. In this blog, we’ll give you some helpful tips for attracting and retaining top talent, developing your workplace culture, and making sure your candidates are always clear about the benefits you can offer them.

How to Attract New Talent: What You Need to Know

Think about how your business helps your clients. Think about what your team does to support each other, and what your human resources team does to make sure everyone’s needs are attended to. These are the things that are worth emphasizing in an interview. 

Does your company keep a well-stocked snack cupboard? Does your team occasionally get together for happy hour? Those perks might sound good, but candidates can see right through them. They don’t want tasty chips or the promise of the odd evening out—they want tangible ways to grow their career and make an impact (and make money). Fun perks are worth offering and a friendly atmosphere is what you should always aim for, but they are not the end-all, be-all for talent when embarking on a job search. 

Make sure you’re putting the best your company has to offer front and center—you don’t want any quality candidate ever leaving an interview unclear about why they should join your team. Remember, they’re interviewing you just as much as you’re interviewing them.

Develop Your Culture and Brand

Do you know what truly makes you different from your competition? Again, it’s not about the snacks and the happy hours. A strong, healthy office culture is so much more than that. It’s about the genuine affection your team members have for one another, and how willing they are to advocate on behalf of each other and your company. It’s about how committed they are to connecting with each other and making their lives easier by chipping in and doing their part on any given project. 

Let’s say they already know someone on your team, and they reach out prior-to or just after their interview. They’ll likely ask your employee how they feel about the company, and if there are any major issues they need to know about before they decide whether they want to move forward. Do you feel confident that your current employee will help push them in the right direction? This is what’s really going to entice a candidate. Developing a positive culture is essential for not just bringing on new team members but keeping existing ones around.

Why You Need a Recruiter

The items we mentioned above are ones you can complete internally—they involve making your office space more attractive and fostering a positive culture. But when it comes to actually identifying the right candidates and putting them in the same room as key hiring decision-makers on your team, that’s where a recruiter really comes in handy. 

At Controller’s Group, Inc., we have all the resources and experience required to make your entire hiring process as smooth and effective as possible. We help our clients find quality candidates that meet their exact criteria and are primed to make an immediate impact on their workflow. If you’re ready to see the kind of impact a superior recruiter can make on how you hire, reach out to CGI today for more information. Whatever you need to make your hiring process more manageable (and more effective), we deliver.

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