What Does the Bay Area’s Finance and Accounting Job Market Look Like?

Having trouble finding work? Just because our day-to-day lives have been thrown into chaos doesn’t mean you have to give up the search entirely. At Controller’s Group, Inc., we specialize in finance and accounting staffing solutions that have been carefully developed to yield quality results for our clients.

Times Are Tough

It’s hard to believe that it’s been nearly half a year since we first went into a nationwide lockdown. We’ve seen local businesses shutter, companies around the country go on lengthy hiring freezes, and a comprehensive transition to remote work for tech-savvy companies. It’s a lot to take into account, especially if you’re still floating around the job market; mass layoffs and furloughs have plagued workers around the country, leaving countless people in the lurch and scrambling to collect unemployment. For those seeking permanent employment (or any job, frankly), times have arguably never been tougher. That’s where Controller’s Group, Inc. comes in.

As one of the leading accounting and finance recruiting firms in San Francisco for over a decade, we’ve seen the market fluctuate more times than we can count. And while no one has experienced this level of upheaval (unless they’re over a hundred years old and lived through the Spanish Flu epidemic), our carefully developed recruiting solutions have worked wonders for employers and job seekers alike in all kinds of markets. In this blog, we’ll talk about what the market looks like heading into fall, and what you can do to stand out from the crowded pool of applicants in your specific field.

How COVID-19 Has Affected the Job Market

As we mentioned above, several companies immediately went on hiring freezes and resorted to mass layoffs pretty quickly after the market tanked and we went into a nationwide lockdown. And while COVID-19 is very much still a threat and is by no means a thing of the past, the market has certainly somewhat recovered; people clamoring for life to return back to “normal” might be disappointed, but we’re certainly in a better position as a nation than we were in mid-March. But what does that mean for the job market? 

While some companies are still clawing their way back to the levels they were at pre-pandemic, there are certainly fewer companies on hiring freezes than there were 6 months ago. Companies need finance and accounting professionals just like they did in years past; they may be hiring them at slower rates, but they’re certainly still necessary roles that need to be filled (especially during a time of such intense upheaval). As one of the leading recruiting agencies in San Francisco for finance and accounting roles, we’re primed to help qualified candidates find both permanent and contract work even during these trying times.

What Can You Do to Stand Out?

Remember all those helpful interview tips you read about during your last job search, the one that took place pre-pandemic? Well, the same rules still apply—communicate proactively with staff members and network effectively; update your resume; follow up quickly and efficiently when someone reaches out to you. 

You may have to brush up on your tech literacy so that you can join Zoom calls without a hitch, but it’s more or less going to take the same level of commitment, attention to detail, and sociability that a job search has always taken. But when it comes to actually finding the companies that are hiring for a role you specialize in, that’s where CGI comes in.

Jumpstart Your Job Search

Just because times are tough doesn’t mean you can’t find a way through. With an established, highly skilled recruiting team helping you move through your job search, you’ll be able to find a finance or accounting role that perfectly aligns with your skill set more efficiently than ever before. Our team works closely with job seekers and employers alike so that we can provide better results in a shorter time frame. To get started on your job search and to improve your chances of finding the right position, reach out to our team today.

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