How Staffing Companies Amplify Your Recruiting Process

Why go it alone when you don’t have to? At Controller’s Group, Inc., our focus is on making sure our clients feel supported throughout their entire hiring process.

First Things First: Why Do Businesses Use Staffing Agencies?

Think about your specialty—both you individually and the kinds of specific services your company provides. You want to excel in your role—you gain experience on the job, and maybe even invest some of your time outside of work to get better at what you do. 

You might wear several hats, but the areas where you devote most of your time are typically going to be your strongest. And unless you spend most of your time identifying, vetting, and interviewing candidates, recruiting is never going to be your strong suit. You might have an acute understanding of what kind of skills they need to succeed in the role, but finding the candidates in the first place? That’s something totally different and requires a unique set of skills. That’s where outsourcing the hiring process comes in.

What Are the Benefits of Using Staffing Agencies?

You’ve tried posting on job boards. Maybe you’ve even worked with third-party staffing agencies in the past. So why aren’t you getting the results you want from your hiring process? It all comes down to your recruiter’s resources. At Controller’s Group, Inc., we specialize in conducting comprehensive searches with customized parameters. That means every time our clients come to us with a role they need to fill, we tailor our approach so that it yields the exact kind of results you’re looking for. Other advantages of using an outsourced recruiter include:

  • Better Quality Hires: Thanks to CGI’s experience with identifying and placing candidates in finance and accounting departments across the Bay Area, we’ve built up the network and resources necessary to provide our clients with exceptional candidates. 
  • Cost Reduction: How frustrating is it when you have to constantly take time away from your day-to-day role to go through candidates who may not even be the right fit? Time is money, and CGI can save you both. Compared to using an in-house recruiting strategy, our approach can help you identify superior candidates more efficiently, saving you the cost (and hassle) of struggling through a prolonged search.
  • Increased Consistency: Maybe you relied on a member of your team to lead the recruiting effort in the past and it yielded a quality outcome. But how do you know if that process is going to go as well the second time? The margin of error is pretty thin when it comes to hiring someone new. If they don’t work out, you’re right back to square one. When you collaborate with CGI, we use results-driven processes that have been carefully fine-tuned over the years to deliver the best possible outcomes for our clients.
  • Stronger Company Culture: Better candidates don’t just add value to your business-critical processes—they can make a positive impact on the rest of your team too. A company is only as strong as its culture, and our team takes every factor into account before we present you with potential candidates. What kind of atmosphere have you cultivated in your workspace? What sort of activities does your team partake in outside of work hours? These are some of the questions that potential recruits want answers to, and we always consider your culture when vetting candidates.

Should You Use an Employment Agency For Your Hiring Process?

It depends—do you want better results out of your search, or are you okay settling for potentially second-rate employees? The quality of the person you hire is dictated by how thorough the search is, and no one goes more in-depth than CGI. With a diverse range of resources, a deep network, and a nuanced understanding of the work required for any given hiring process, we’re uniquely equipped to deliver superior results for our clients. For more information on how our team can help you find superior finance and accounting professionals in the Bay Area, reach out to our team today.

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